Ергаки - Перевал Волосы Саяна

Ергаки. Перевал "Волосы Саяна" в облачную погоду. Обзор на Спящего Саяна, озеро Лазурное, скалу Кит, Каменный Замок. Пик Мать Саян, Черепаха находятся за облаками.

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Tags: ергаки; саяны; горы; путешествия; Спящий Саян; туман; Кит; озеро Лазурное; Сибирь; ergaki; sayan; mountains; outdoors; sleeping sayan; mist; whale; azure lake; siberia; pass; перевал
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Alexey Bazlaev
Volosi Sayana (05)
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Lazurnoe Lake (09)
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Lazurnoe Lake (07)
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Sosna (08)
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Oreshek (04)
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Pass Of Painters
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Висячий Камень
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Hanging stone, Natural Park Ergaki
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Octogonal Courtyard in the Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy
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retired warship (destroyer) Kangwon of Jinhae Maritime Park
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Biak Na Bato Cave, San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines
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Naturalis, the Dutch National Natural History Museum in Leiden
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Olioceto. Der kulinarische Geschenkeshop.
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GCR Dome Car
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Plies - bridge to Levitan's museum
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Kuturchin's Mountains - Alat
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Chests Mountains - White Horse
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Ice on "Mohovoj" stream
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Borus - Cuban revolutionary's peak
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Andrew Borus
Кострома - Ленин
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Krasnojarsk's Stolby - small glade
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Ergaki - Painters Lake
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Ergaki Gamma 2
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Ergaki - Snow on waterfall
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Chest Mountain - on top of Chest
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